Family Yoga

Four-Week Mini Session 

September 9th - September 30th (Mondays 5:30 - 6:15 PM)

Make time for your family while sharing the joys of yoga. This fun class envolves sharing partner poses as well as individual poses which are done together to relieve tension, help develop strength, stability and balance. Your child will grow a trusting relationship with you and a strong mind-body connection in themselves. Each class ends with a guided mindfulness practice. This class is for children ages 3-8 and an adult participant. 

(beginner-friendly - no previous yoga experience required)

Doors open at 5:15 pm, the class begins at 5:30 pm and concludes at 6:15 pm.

*Each family needs two yoga mats. Yoga mats are available for borrowing, please let us know if you need one for your mini! 

Upcoming Offerings 

October 14th - sip + savasana (wine + yoga) special event night 

October 28th - prenatal yoga + birthempowerment  course - four-week session

December 4th - unstuck yourself (( restorative yoga + mindfulness + journaling )) four-week session

​January 6th - manipura ((core yoga class for power + purpose + wisdom)) four-week session

February 3rd - anahata((opening the heart chakra)) four-week session

March 2nd - thai yoga massage + partner yoga (four-week session)

March 30th - intro to yoga (alignment-based class perfect for beginners or practitioners who want to learn about the foundations of yoga) special event night

April 6th - little yogis (yoga for children ages 3-8) 

May 4th - philosophy of yoga (flow through poses while learning about the roots of yoga) four-week session (continuing education credits available for yoga teachers) 

June 1st - journey to handstand (learn the steps to finding balance in handstand and play with advanced inversions in a safe and supported environment with an advanced practitioner) four-week session

June 29th - suds + savasana ((beer + yoga)) special event night

sip + savasana

wine + yoga party

Monday, October 14th, 6-8 pm 

your practice has never been this much fun before. 

move through a yoga + guided meditation class then enjoy a traditional wine tasting party of local + import wines selected by a wine expert. 

must be 18+         

limited tickets $40